Registered Charity Number 1142239



Our aim is to advance the education of disadvantaged children living in Northern Uganda through the provision of grants, scholarships and the provision of materials and facilities for education. Definition In this document “disadvantaged children” means: a) Orphans; b) Children whose parents have deserted them; c) Children of single parent families; d) “Returnees” – children who were abducted by the LRA rebels but have now returned to their families or communities; e) Girl children in families where, because of poverty, only boys are educated; f) Children of families, including those of clergy, where the level of income is not sufficient to enable education to be provided; g) Any children not included above, who are considered worthy of help. All policy and activities will be within the purposes set out in the charity’s governing document.


Northern Uganda is the poorest area of the country having suffered many years of LRA {rebel army) activity leading to large numbers of displaced persons. Occurrence of HIV/AlDS, malaria, cholera and other serious illnesses is very common. The level of unemployment is high. There are huge numbers of orphans and families struggling to bring up orphans among their own children. The Ugandan government pays a grant to schools for each child in primary and secondary school. However, the grant is inadequate and schools impose top up fees which many families really struggle to pay. Very poor children either drop out of school completely or are in school only when fees have been paid, so there is no continuity to their education. Fewer girls complete primary school or attend secondary school than boys.


Our vision is inspired by our Christian faith and the strong belief that our God has called us to a ministry of helping seriously disadvantaged children living in the Lira area of Northern Uganda. Our scholarship beneficiaries will be mainly selected from children at Abia Primary School who have shown a significant willingness to work hard at school and gain a high level of academic achievement against a background of being disadvantaged. Our commitment is to provide a continuous education, not subject to the threat of being forced out of school through extreme poverty and non-payment of fees, an education up to the natural capacity of the child. Provided prescribed academic standards are achieved, academic opportunity for scholarship recipients is assured to the completion of a university degree or an agreed further education course. Our vision is also to raise the level of opportunity for Abia Primary School, its pupils and its community through the provision of extra resources and facilities.


The UK trustees and the Ugandan management team will work in close partnership with each other, communicating regularly over matters of policy and application. As a Charity registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales, the trustees are responsible not only for raising funds, but for how its funds will be used and for the selection of beneficiaries and/or projects to support in Northern Uganda. The Ugandan management team is responsible for the day to day work of the organisation locally. They will be the first point of contact for scholars, parents and schools.