Sponsor a Child





One of the many ways we help the children is by financial sponsorship. This is a special kind of giving that creates a relationship between you and the community in which Imara-Uganda is working to create real and lasting change in these children’s lives. Through education we build leaders of the future.

By choosing to sponsor a child you become a member of our family of sponsors and we will send you regular school reports, photos and letters from the child whose life you are changing.

The donations for your child are combined with the gifts of other sponsors and donors to benefit all the children we support in our education programme. Your donations will make a huge difference to the lives of the children and their families in the community in which we serve.

A little support really can make a difference to the lives of children on the other side of the world. Imara-Uganda Education Fund (IUEF), a small charity based in West Sussex, seeks to give opportunity to a number of seriously disadvantaged children living in northern Uganda who, without outside help, would never complete a formal education or gain the hope that it can bring.

Lira, the fourth largest town in Uganda (with a population of just over 100,000) is located in northern Uganda, 215 miles north of the capital city Kampala. Many years ago, Lira could have been described as a sleepy little African town where one could enjoy the drive along tree lined roads.

Today, the town once nicknamed “the jewel of the north” is struggling to recover from one of Africa’s longest running civil wars. During a twenty year conflict the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) raided villages, burned homes, slaughtered civilians, and recruited child soldiers through abductions from the villages and schools of Northern Uganda. Thousands of children were robbed of their childhood and indeed many killed. Boys and girls were turned into killers. Children as young as ten years old were taught to kill, often beginning with their own families.

During the height of the war, an estimated 20,000 fled to Lira in search of safety from the threat of the LRA. By day thousands filled the streets looking for food or work. By night no one was found on the streets – no one except the hundreds of orphaned children who found a safe haven from life’s hardships.

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